"Just want to send a long overdue thank you to Joanne Gramo,  for her wonderful support during pregnancy and after Noemi was born. Joanne and I met about every two weeks for much of my pregnancy. She helped keep me relaxed and worked hard to keep my anxiousness to a minimum. These visits with Joanne were such a blessing… each time, I would drift off into la-la land and let all cares slip away… and snore. I believe that the ease of my pregnancy was largely due to her acupuncture treatments. The week of my due date, I was ready to get things moving. I had had enough of the difficulty of getting around and the what felt like every 5 minute-pee breaks. Joanne gave me a special labor stimulating treatment and some Chinese herbs to drink as a tea on Wednesday. I started drinking the tea Thursday and by Thursday night at midnight I was in labor. Woohoo! Joanne also offered her services if I experienced any complications during the labor process, which I thankfully did not need. She also followed up with me post pregnancy and assured me that my healing experiences were normal. Joanne - I am so appreciative of the time spent with you. You really work wonders. " - Ellie W., Santa Cruz

Joanne’s acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has seen me through my health challenges for twenty years. Through every cold and flu season, her care supports my immune system to help keep me from getting sick. I honestly don’t know how I would have navigated menopause without her excellent care. I often refer my patients to Joanne, and they all love her. I, as a low-force, ACTIVATOR chiropractor in Santa Cruz, often co-treat patients with Joanne, and the combination is powerful for patients’ healing.- Elizabeth Quinn, Chiropractor, Santa Cruz on Yelp

Joanne is a great practitioner. She’s knowledgeable.  She listens and was able to resolve my neck issues. - TraMi C., Santa Cruz on Yelp

Joanne Gramo is a kind and compassionate healer, whose profound knowledge combined with her incredible humor has eased my heartaches as well as my body pains. Laughter may well be the best medicine, and I highly recommend Joanne for her skills as an acupuncturist and for her exceptional bedside manner. I love working with Joanne, have referred my clients, and bring my daughter for her care. It is through acupuncture and her herbal recommendations that I have managed my allergies and my asthma, and I am deeply grateful for Joanne in my health care-Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD, Certified Hypnotherapist, Santa Cruz

I am so pleased with the facial acupuncture I received from Joanne Gramo! I look ten years younger. Best of all, I feel ten years younger! I didn’t think results like these were possible without resorting to surgery. Under Joanne’s expert care I watched as my face filled out, my jaw line firmed up, and wrinkles smoothed out. I still look like myself—only better and more vital. Better than any cream, these results will last. - Sandra S., Santa Cruz on Yelp

I wholeheartedly agree with all these glowing and sincere reviews of Joanne Gramo as a health practitioner - she is truly a kind, compassionate, and effective healer with a gentle, loving sense of humor. She treated me today on short notice. I was in agony from an upper back spasm that had my entire upper body seized up. She knew exactly what to do. After generously "cupping" and Chinese acupuncture i'm feeling sooooo much better. I can move again! When you feel that bad, its really important to access a practitioner who really knows what she's doing and who truly cares. I trust Joanne!!!! - Linda K., on Yelp

Joanne is caring, knowledgeable, and available. Recently my daughter (not even a patient of Joanne's) was having some health issues and Joanne gave advice and some herbs that cleared up my daughter's problems. I can't imagine a more caring health professional. - Lynn M., on Yelp

Joanne has been my acupuncturist for 10 years and is the best! She is knowledgeable, attentive and supportive. She really cares about your health and well being. She has a great sense of humor! - Lisa F. on Yelp

I am 6 months pregnant and have seen Joanne twice in the last three weeks for some pregnancy things that came up and needed attention for my sanity of comfort. My OB even said that there was not much I could do and we would just monitor it, but not once I got in Joanne's hands. Both times I went in for something different and each visit I not only felt completely relaxed through the appointment, but afterwards could not believe the results! Some of the discomforts I experienced completely went away and I am extremely grateful to have found her for acupuncture. Not only is she great at acupuncture, she is such a pleasure to talk too and has an incredible sense of humor. If you are looking for an acupuncturist Joanne is definitely your gal! - Jennalee D., on Yelp

Joanne Gramo has been taking care of me for many years. When I have an injury or feel imbalanced, she is the first practitioner I think of to go to. I had a tailbone issue a few months ago and after one treatment I was 40% better within 12 hours. She is a caring and loving person and quick witted. - Elizabeth B., on Yelp

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