Thursday, November 12, 2015

Facial Rejuvenation using Acupuncture

Joanne Gramo L.Ac. is now offering MeiZen facial acupuncture. Look and feel younger without surgery. Here’s some amazing results:

“I am so pleased with the facial acupuncture I received from Joanne Gramo! I look ten years younger. Best of all, I feel ten years younger! I didn’t think results like these were possible without resorting to surgery. Under Joanne’s expert care I watched as my face filled out, my jaw line firmed up, and wrinkles smoothed out. I still look like myself—only better and more vital. Better than any cream, these results will last.” ~Sandra Sullivan

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Tune Up

While we are still having hot weather here in Santa Cruz, Fall is definitely in the air. This is a great time for a tune up in order to get ready for winter. Acupuncture is effective as a preventative medicine, as well as for seasonal allergies, colds and flu. Call for your appointment today, and get ready for a great season of health!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Time

It's summer time...light, activity, fresh veggies and fruits.
It can be hot and dry, so stay hydrated with plenty of water.
Coconut water is also a nice addition, after exertion.  Enjoy
the fruits and veggies of the season.
And if you over do, don't forget your acupuncturist! Chinese Medicine can help with allergies, sprains, over activity and over indulgences.